WTF have I done…

Morning to all.. Yea the topic of this blog probably still wont be what I intended on it being from the very beginning. If you have read my previous blog so much has changed. Quitting my job relationship struggles and getting older.. Yikes now that I type it out like that maybe that WTF haveContinue reading “WTF have I done…”

Its been awhile..

Good morning everyone. Geezzz its been so long since I have been on here. Between the holidays my son graduating from the marine corps its been pretty hectic around here . Well my anxiety is back stronger than ever. Not really sure why. Felt like I had such a hold on it and boom outtaContinue reading “Its been awhile..”

That moment…

Good morning everyone… hope everyone had a great weekend. Well today I am gonna talk about that one big moment in my life when I realized my life wasnt my life at all. That anxiety had officially taken over every aspect in my life. Everything I did or wanted to do I had my anxietyContinue reading “That moment…”


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